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Budge Lightyear rescued from National Space Centre

An epic avian adventure unfolded at the National Space Centre in Leicester as staff and the RSPCA came to the rescue of a feathered friend, now affectionately known as ‘Budge Lightyear’.

On Thursday 22nd February, a visitor to the centre stumbled upon an unusual sight – a lone budgie, seemingly lost in the vast expanse of concrete. Recognising the need for intervention, they swiftly sprang into action, approaching the feathered voyager with care and concern.

The visitor alerted staff at the space centre, who then contacted the RSPCA. Animal Rescue Officer Ellie Grindod arrived to collect the bird and took him to the RSPCA’s Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester.

Despite him being ringed and numbered, his details weren’t registered, so the RSPCA was unable to contact his owner.

Ellie said: “Thanks to the swift action of everyone involved, Budge Lightyear has now embarked on a new adventure at our Woodside Animal Centre, where he is getting a lot of TLC. His epic journey serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion in safeguarding our feathered friends, wherever they may roam!”

Malika Andress, from the National Space Centre, said: “We cannot thank RSPCA staff enough for their help with Budge Lightyear, who was found by a visitor in our car park. We got excellent advice on the phone on how to make Budge comfortable in the short-term, and then a member of the local team was able to get to us really swiftly to pick them up.

“Our team rallied round to ensure Budge enjoyed their time with us, but despite being scientists, engineers, educators and specialists in our field, looking after budgies is outside our expertise – we know a lot about other flying things.”

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